Are You In Trouble With Internet Crimes?

In the 21st century, computers and the Internet are a common and almost essential part of life. With this increase of Internet use, laws have developed with severe penalties.

If a business runs into problems with a computer network, an employee may be accused of an Internet crime. In some cases, an accounting error can turn into an allegation of embezzlement. Likewise, if someone receives an email with an illegal image, he or she can be charged for a sex crime. If you or a loved one is charged, suspected or being investigated for a computer crime, it is critical to understand and fully protect your rights.

Experienced Solicitation Charge Lawyers

The law firm of Aaron & Aaron is ready to put more than a quarter century of criminal law experience to aggressively defend our clients against these types of charges. We attribute our success to our skill in forensic investigation, forcing the prosecution to show that incriminating material is present and attacking any weakness in its case.

Our attorneys are prepared to bring their approach to work on cases including:

  • Fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Embezzlement
  • Cyber fraud
  • Credit card fraud
  • Hacking
  • Stolen Social Security numbers
  • Internet sex crimes
    • Solicitation of a minor
    • Child pornography

It is important to note that all sex offenses carry with them permanent requirement for sex offender registration. In addition, nearly all Internet crimes are felonies. Our attorneys are ready to do everything possible to help you reach an ideal outcome, but it is critical to reach out as soon as possible so we can help you to ideally defend yourself.

To discuss any sex crime issue in a free initial consultation with our Clemson Internet crime defense lawyers, call 864-551-4370 or contact us online.