Minor In Possession

If your child has been charged with a minor in possession (MIP) violation, it is important to realize that will it include not only criminal charges, but also the possibility of collateral damage well into his or her future.

In addition, it can result in the suspension or loss of a driver's license, severely damaging convenience and quality of life.

Because of the long-term potential repercussions of such an offense, it is critical to partner with the most experienced advocate you can find.

We Put Your Child's Safety First

As a lawyer, we do not want to see students get pushed around or substantially harmed by the legal system. We understand the concerns facing students and their families in these cases, and we are ready to do everything possible to bring more than a quarter century of experience to work toward dismissal of charges or mitigation of consequences. We do not believe that someone young should face long-term actions because of a mistake. As such, we are ready to bring vigorous advocacy to work toward an ideal outcome.

Our attorneys will do everything they can to ensure your child's continued ability to drive and to keep a misdemeanor off his or her record.

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