Search And Seizure Of Digital Devices

Digital devices such as cellphones and tablet computers contain a great deal of information about ourselves. This can include information that is embarrassing or potentially incriminating. For this reason, protecting your digital device from unlawful search and seizure is an important legal issue.

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Did You Know?

  1. If you are pulled over in a traffic stop, you do not have to consent to a search of yourself or your car. Politely refuse to give the officer your cellphone or tablet computer. The officer may be unhappy with you, but you will not give the officer any information that is potentially incriminating.
  2. If a police officer takes your cellphone or tablet computer without a warrant or your consent, anything he or she sees is not admissible.
  3. You may be compelled to turn over a digital device during a criminal proceeding if the police officer obtains a warrant.
  4. You may be compelled to turn over a digital device during a divorce or child custody dispute as a part of discovery.

Since digital information, including Facebook posts and pictures, could potentially become a part of a civil or criminal proceeding, it's important to protect yourself. Do not post anything or take any pictures that you would not want to be used against you.

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