Moving can be a difficult proposition for children in any situation, but it can have a tremendous impact on children who have already gone through the separation of their parents. The courts take relocation very seriously and will base decisions on what is deemed to be in the best interest of the child.

At Aaron & Aaron, our Clemson relocation lawyer represents parents on both sides of relocation disputes, keeping our focus on protecting children and obtaining outcomes that are in the best interest of clients in South Carolina. We offer representation from an attorney — S. Paul Aaron — with more than 30 years of family law experience.

Relocation Factors In South Carolina

When a parent wishes to relocate and change the custody arrangement that was set forth in the divorce decree, he or she must satisfy what is known as the Latimer test. This test was named for the case in which it was established (Latimer v. Farmer) and requires the relocating party to show that:

  1. There has been a substantial change in circumstances that affect the welfare of the children
  2. The requested change is in the best interests of the child

We are well-versed in helping those requesting relocation show that these two prerequisites for relocation are met, as well as helping parents defend against improper applications for relocation.

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