Family Law Attorneys For Same-Sex Couples In Clemson

Same-sex marriage has been legal in South Carolina since a federal court order that took effect on November 20, 2014. The new law does more than give same-sex couples the right to marry. It also gives same-sex couples the same protections under the law as other married couples when it comes to issues such as divorce.

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Same-Sex Divorce In South Carolina

If you were married in a state that allows same-sex marriage, you can file for divorce in South Carolina. Our lawyers will guide you through the legal steps and help you resolve legal issues such as:

  • Division of assets and debts: South Carolina follows the law of equitable division of assets and debts that were accumulated during the marriage. Assets you owned before your marriage, or received as a gift or inheritance during your marriage, are yours to keep.
  • Spousal support: South Carolina courts can order alimony or spousal support based on factors such as the length of your marriage, each spouse's education and background, and earnings potential.
  • Child custody and support: If you have children, the courts can order either sole or joint custody, based on the best interests of your children.

The same laws that apply to heterosexual couples apply to same-sex couples. Unfortunately, this does not mean good news for everyone concerned. Many married couples are surprised to learn that their ex will have interest in their 401(k) plan account, vehicle, business, and other assets accumulated during the marriage. Our attorneys will give you an honest assessment of what you can expect.

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