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On which day of the week should you stay off the roads?

According to data collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, vehicle crash fatalities are ticking up again after several years of decline. Avvo, a legal review site, analyzed the NHTSA data to determine the most dangerous day of the week for drivers and the safest time of day for motorists to be on the road.

Watching out for others

Hurt after a car accident: mistakes to avoid

Injuries sustained from car accidents have been on the rise in South Carolina in recent years. 2016 saw over 40,000 collisions result in injuries while the previous year only had roughly 37,000. 

Most people will end up in a motor vehicle accident at some point. If you feel hurt, then you need to see a doctor immediately. Even if your injuries are minimal or nonexistent, it is still a good idea to get a medical evaluation just in case an injury lurks beneath the surface. In the meantime, here are mistakes you definitely do not want to make. 

Is off-balance cargo the reason that big rig is weaving?

If you and your family are off on a fun road trip, the last thing you want to worry about is an accident. However, you cannot help noticing that the big rig up ahead is having trouble staying in its lane.

There could be several reasons for a truck driver struggling to keep control of his vehicle. One of those reasons is off-balance cargo that has been improperly loaded.

3 ways an attorney can help you after an injury

People suffer injuries on the job and in accidents each and every day, often without knowing their legal rights and how to protect and assert them. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the benefits of working with an attorney. Some may fear that the high costs will prevent them from pursuing a case.

Misinformation often leads to injured people suffering without receiving the compensation they are entitled to. Here are three ways an attorney can help you after you suffer an injury.

Motorcycle riders benefit from the latest safety innovations

During the spring and summer months, motorcycle riders are much in evidence on South Carolina highways and byways, and you may be one of them.

Because of your vulnerability while on a motorcycle, safety is always a primary consideration. Here are six of the most recent safety innovations to consider:

How crashworthiness plays into a blunt trauma injury

If you should be in a vehicle crash in which you are badly hurt, the driver of the car that hit yours may be only partly liable for your injuries.

For example, you might sustain a serious blunt trauma or traumatic brain injury. Investigators would look at all the possible causes of your injuries, including the crashworthiness of your vehicle.

Life on two wheels: common causes of motorcycle accidents

Ask motorcycle owners why they choose two wheels over four, and you’ll hear more reasons than you can shake a leather jacket at: cost and fuel efficiency, the sense of freedom and adventure, ease of parking, camaraderie, reduced carbon footprint, and – let’s be honest – riding a bike is the iconic image of cool.

While motorcycle enthusiasts are as loyal to their mode of transportation as Juliet was to Romeo, it is no secret that it can be a dangerous way to travel. And South Carolina is no exception. In fact, in the past few years it has been in the top five states in numbers of motorcycle accidents and fatalities.

New technology brings new dangers to the road

Every year, new cars on the road seem to come with a number of new and exciting technological upgrades. Some, including blind spot warnings and backup cameras, help increase your safety and the safety of your fellow drivers.

Unfortunately, not all of these innovations are making South Carolina’s highways safer. The rise of one particular type of technology in our cars is distracting drivers and removing their focus from the road.

5 mistakes pool owners make that put others in danger

Whether you go to a public pool, a hotel pool or a pool in someone’s backyard, you probably assume it is going to be safe. You probably assume the owners know about -- and comply with -- the various pool regulations and take their ownership responsibilities very seriously.

Unfortunately, there are pool owners who fail to do these things. These failures can have catastrophic consequences including drowning and other serious injuries so it is crucial that owners take action to avoid mistakes – especially the five mistakes we examine below.

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