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July 2014 Archives

Many teenagers waiting to be adopted in South Carolina

Whether it is through birth or adoption, welcoming a child into your family is a wonderful thing. Across the United States there are many children in need of homes, but fortunately there are also many families keen to provide them. However, in South Carolina, it appears that most families prefer to adopt a younger child. This is bad news for the many teenagers waiting to find their forever homes.

South Carolina woman charged with DUI at police checkpoint

A 34-year-old woman who passed through a police checkpoint on JA Cochran Bypass in Chester during the early morning hours of July 25 reportedly did so with an open container of beer and children in her car. When police stopped the woman at the checkpoint, they noticed a strong smell of alcohol coming from her car and asked if there was an open container in the vehicle.

4 cars damaged in South Carolina accident

A woman was charged with DUI after crashing a 2002 Lincoln at Socastee Auto Sales during the evening hours of July 24. The crash reportedly damaged four cars in the lot and caused the Lincoln to catch on fire. According to a reporter present at the scene of the accident, the back of one of the cars had been completely destroyed.

South Carolina mother loses custody of her daughter

Most parents want the best for their children, but it is not always easy. Childcare is expensive and many families struggle to earn enough to make ends meet. It can be tough enough for two-parent families to balance their working lives with the cost of supporting a family. Imagine the strain on single parents who still need their child to be cared for, but may not have the income to hire anyone. This can occasionally lead to complicated child custody cases as a loving and otherwise suitable parent may lack the means to care for their child.

Child support disputes divide families

When disputes involve matters concerning the care of someone's children, they can often become heated and drawn out. Most parents want the best for their child, but their opinions on what that is may differ from those of the other parent. One of the common causes of such disputes in South Carolina is child support. While a parent may be struggling to make ends meet because payments have been missed, they may still feel hesitant to pursue the matter in the courts.

Man arrested in alleged DUI collision

A 24-year-old South Carolina man is facing charges of felony DWI resulting in death after hitting and killing a cyclist in front of a Goodwill store. The cyclist, a 33-year-old man, died before he could be transported to a hospital. The driver continued traveling for a few blocks after the collision, but he then walked back to the site of the accident.

Many divorcees don't consider retirement benefits

Some relationships last a lifetime, but this is not true of them all. For those that don't, divorce often becomes an attractive option and one chosen by many couples each year in South Carolina. There are several matters to take into account during the divorce process, from the division of property to who receives custody of children and pets. However, one matter many couples forget is that of retirement assets.

South Carolina woman detained for DUI after crash

Police took a 23-year-old woman into custody and charged her with DUI on June 27 after they allegedly found her vehicle crashed off a road in Spartanburg. According to police, the woman damaged a fire hydrant on Powell Mill Road when she crashed in front of Jesse Bobo Elementary School around 3 a.m., and her car ended up about 100 feet from the roadway.

Deciding pet custody during divorce is a challenging business

When couples in South Carolina decide to go their separate ways, they often have a lot of things to sort out. They will need to make child custody arrangements and figure out whether either of them needs to pay child support. They will also have to divide their marital property and assets. However, one part of this division of assets that can cause particular distress and disagreement is deciding on who will keep any pets.

Driver hits pedestrian, faces felony DUI

Motorists in South Carolina who may be considering their best course of action in the face of a felony DUI charge may be interested in learning about an incident that occurred in a beach town in the northeast part of the state. According to media sources, authorities in Horry County have charged a 56-year-old man with felony driving under the influence resulting in a death after he allegedly struck and killed a woman in Atlantic Beach on June 21.

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