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October 2014 Archives

Know the procedure for divorce in South Carolina

Whatever the reason, things are breaking down. You've tried to reconcile, but your relationship simply isn't what it used to be. Perhaps you fight, or perhaps you have simply drifted apart. Whatever the case, it may be time to move on. Divorce may seem like a big step, but it could be just the change you need. It is a fresh start for each of you and a chance to try again on your own, or with someone else.

South Carolina teacher charged with DUI, child endangerment

A South Carolina elementary school teacher was taken into custody on the morning of Oct. 20 for drunk driving. In addition to drunk driving charges, a report from the South Carolina Department of Public Safety revealed that the woman is facing a child endangerment count after a minor was allegedly found in her vehicle at the time of the incident.

New law increases penalties for first-time offenders

A new South Carolina law called Emma's Law requires even first-time DUI offenders to install an ignition interlock device in their cars. The law was named after a girl who was killed in a drunk driving accident while going to church with her family in 2012. Emma's Law says that a first-time offender with a blood alcohol content of more than .15 percent must use such a device for six months. If a driver is convicted for a second time, the device must be used for two years.

Almost $1 million child support collected every day

Throughout the United States, including South Carolina, thousands of parents are required to pay child support. The amount expected from them depends on a variety of factors, but at the heart of the matter is the provision of sufficient financial support for their children. Raising a child can be expensive, so the child support system aims to arrange a manageable sum to be paid each month by the parent in question.

South Carolina man crashes into gas station

Law enforcement officials from the Rock Hill Police Department reported that a 32-year-old Chester man crashed his car into a gas station on Oct. 5. According to police, the collision happened around 9:25 a.m. When officials arrived, they could reportedly smell alcohol on the man who was said to be fading in and out of consciousness.

Establishing paternity can affect your legal rights

Something not everyone realizes about paternity is that if a child's parents are unmarried when that child is born, the father is not given legal rights as a parent automatically, even if there is no doubt that he is the child's father. In such a situation, the father may prove his paternity by means of a test before these rights can be granted.

How does a BAC test work?

In South Carolina, drivers give implied consent to submit to breath tests when asked to do so. The state allows an investigating officer or an officer who may take a driver into custody to conduct such testing. However, this is only the case when the test is being videotaped. Although tests are to be done as soon as practicable, there is no statute of limitations on when a test may be conducted.

How does South Carolina decide child custody?

Negotiating child custody can be a long and emotionally taxing progress, particularly if you and your former partner no longer see eye to eye. Although there is a good chance that you both have the best intentions for your children, those intentions may not complement each other. If this is the case, the matter may need to go to court.

Boating while impaired

Boating in South Carolina is governed by local ordinances as well as state law. The regulations concerning the operation of watercraft are in many ways similar to those concerning the operation of a car, as exemplified by the laws against boating while intoxicated. Law enforcement officials may pull over a boat if they suspect its operator is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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