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November 2014 Archives

What 3 tests are commonly used for field sobriety tests?

The Standardized Field Sobriety Test is a series of three assessments that South Carolina law enforcement officials administer to help them determine whether a driver suspected of impairment is in fact impaired. The series consists of the horizontal gaze nystagmus, the one-leg stand and the walk-and-turn test. Reportedly, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration helped in the research used to develop these assessments.

Divorce might be the best choice for you and your spouse

It can be difficult to know what to do when your relationship is in jeopardy. Perhaps you and your spouse have drifted apart, or perhaps one or the other of you has done something that the other cannot forgive. Maybe you fight too much or you simply don't have time for each other anymore. Whatever the case, things need to change.

What steps can you take if you are owed child support?

Raising a child is expensive, particularly if you are on your own. New clothes, school books and uniforms, sports equipment, medical bills, it all adds up. As such, child support payments can be invaluable. Whether or not your child's other parent is still involved in your child's life, he or she should still contribute financially. Why should any child receive less financial support simply because his or her parents are no longer together?

Know what to do if your child is abducted

There are many former couples in South Carolina who do not see eye to eye. However, most do their best to get along for the benefit of their children. They may not agree with each other's decisions, but it is easy to assume that each believes they have the child's best interests at heart. However, for some parents the custody arrangement does not work out the way they hope. They find themselves unable to spend the amount of time they wish with their children.

Man accused of DUI in head-on collision

A driver has been charged with felonies related to drunk driving after a head-on automobile accident killed three people in South Carolina. The wreck happened at 12:17 a.m. on Nov. 8 as the two vehicles passed through the intersection of U.S. Highway 29 and East Calhoun Street in Anderson.

South Carolina man facing felony DUI charge after police chase

Morning traffic was shut down along a heavily traveled road after a fatal accident on Oct. 29. Police report that the incident occurred around 5 a.m. when a vehicle left the roadway and struck two other automobiles. A local coroner confirmed that a 33-year-old South Carolina man died from injuries sustained during the collision. The driver of the vehicle that left the road, a 19-year-old man, has been charged with DUI involving death and several other counts related to an earlier incident.

How does your location affect property division in divorce?

Deciding to go ahead with divorce can be a difficult call to make. However much you and your spouse may have drifted apart, taking that final step can be daunting. Nevertheless, it is a fresh start for both of you and should be viewed as a positive move. Of course, once that decision is made, the next thing to think about is where to file for divorce. Many states require you to have been a resident for a certain amount of time before you can file a divorce within the state, so often the filing will take place in your home state even if you have recently moved out of state.

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