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January 2015 Archives

What grounds for divorce can you choose?

There comes a point in most relationships where you fall out, perhaps over something silly or perhaps something serious. In either case, it can quickly escalate into a bitter row. For some, this passes and everything goes back to normal. Every couple fights sometimes. For others, however, it is merely part of a continuing trend. Gradually you grow apart and even if you are not on bad terms, you may realize that you are no longer happy together.

Your prenuptial agreement may not cover everything you hope

For couples in South Carolina, when things aren't going well, there are several options. They may consider mediation, or spend some time apart. They might try to work things out by themselves. Others, however, find that there is no way to reconcile their differences. In this situation, often the next best thing is to consider divorce. It is far healthier than remaining in a situation in which you are both unhappy.

How is custody decided between unmarried parents?

Families in South Carolina come in all manner of configurations. It is not at all unusual for a child to live with only one of his or her parents. Equally, in many families parents do not choose to get married. However, what effect does this have on child custody if these parents do not stay together?

South Carolina sheriff accused of hit-and-run DUI accident

The Berkeley County Sheriff was charged with DUI and hit-and run by the South Carolina State Patrol on Dec. 28 following an accident. According to reports, the 63-year-old sheriff allegedly hit a 21-year-old man's car before driving away from the accident scene. The young man was reportedly injured in the accident, but his specific injuries were not reported.

Children of South Carolina mother placed in state custody

In South Carolina, as is the case throughout the United States, decisions on child custody are centered on the well-being of the child or children involved. This means that they will be placed in the custody of whichever parent is deemed to be able to provide them with the best and most stable quality of life. If neither parent is considered fit, the children may be placed into foster care or have a separate guardian appointed.

Divorce is not the end

For many couples in South Carolina, life can be busy and often exhausting. In some cases, this strengthens their relationship, bringing them closer together. However, for others it simply highlights their differences and over time they may drift apart. If this happens, you might consider mediation, or other means of reconciling your differences. Even so, there is no guarantee that this will be successful.

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