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August 2015 Archives

How property is divided in South Carolina

Couples may find that when they divorce they will start to dispute over property. One person may feel as though something is marital property, while the other truly believes that it is separate property. With there being confusion about what property is marital and what is separate, when it comes time to decide which spouse will get what, they often may not agree. When this happens, there's a chance that the couple will have to go before a judge and let them decide who will receive certain property.

Margaret Cho files for divorce

When a marriage isn't working, people may find that it is best for them to just throw in the towel and go their separate ways. Even though some people choose to stay and fight, others may not believe that their marriage can be salvaged. This may not be the reason for all divorces, but it is common for people to agree that their marriage is over and file for divorce.

New law uses parents' jackpot winnings to pay child support

Having a child is a big responsibility. Even when the mother and father of a child choose not to be together, the child should still be cared for by both parents. When taking responsibility for their child, each parent will need to contribute monetarily. In many cases, this contribution may require either the mother or the father to pay child support. Despite a court order to pay child support and contribute to their child being cared for properly, there are still some parents who choose not to do so.

Why a parent may request to modify visitation rights

People run into various family law issues throughout the year, so it is not uncommon for two parents to find themselves disagreeing over child custody. These disagreements over child custody may not always be easy to deal with, but there is a way that these types of disputes can be resolved and allow both parents to have an equal amount of time with their child. While that outcome would be ideal, it doesn't always end that way.

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