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Length of time parents may have to pay child support

When one parent is awarded custody of their child, it is likely that the noncustodial parent will pay child support. The state will then use a formula to determine how much child support is to be awarded on a monthly basis. Along with deciding the amount, parents can also expect to learn how long they will have to pay child support for their child. In some cases, it may be longer than others.

An attorney can assist with your family legal matters

From divorce to child custody and support, there are a number of things that parents may find themselves feuding over at some point in time. When families find themselves experiencing difficulties, they may feel a high amount of anger and stress as a result. With emotions running high because children may be involved, parents may be thinking irrationally when it comes to addressing these issues, which is why some feel it is necessary to hire an attorney.

When do courts use a child's wishes to help determine custody?

Child custody cases can be difficult to go through. Parents often get emotional and children may be traumatized by the constant bickering they may see between their parents, which makes the situation stressful for all parties involved. If parents disagree, the courts will step in and make a decision about child custody for them and will use a number of factors to do so. In some cases, they even let the child weigh in on the case.

Factors used to determine how property is divided

Any couple that has divorced may have experienced the stress that is associated with the process. Not only may couples argue about whose fault the divorce is, but they may also find a number of other things to dispute about as well. Deciding how the property will be divided in the event of a divorce is something that some couples may have difficulty doing. There are many reasons why couples may dispute over property division, but that doesn't mean their reasoning is right, nor does it mean they will get the property that they are fighting over. In many cases when couples cannot agree on how to divide property, a judge will decide for them by using various factors.

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