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October 2015 Archives

Why is joint custody often seen as the best option?

In the event of a divorce, when two people have a child together, they will have to address the issue of child custody. A discussion about who the child will live with and what parent is able to properly care for them may quickly escalate and become heated. Both parents may feel they are better equipped to care for the child, but there may be a custody arrangement that both may find themselves comfortable with. While one parent may strongly believe that it is best for the child to be cared for by them and that the other parent should only receive visitation, some parents see joint custody as the best option.

Failure to pay child support should be reported

Regardless of whether it was planned, when two people have a child together, that child is the responsibility of both parties. If the parents choose to live separate lives, it is likely that they will have to address the issue of child custody and support. There are many ways to divide support and custody, but should one parent be awarded custody, the other may have to pay child support. This may be a decision that the noncustodial parent disagrees with, and they may choose not to make their monthly child support payments. It is then that the custodial parent should take action and inform the courts of the parent's failure to make payments.

Factors that can affect child support payments

Family law is an area that includes a number of legal issues. From child custody and support to marriage and divorce, people who are having difficulty addressing certain issue regarding their family or relationship often see family law attorneys when they are in need of assistance. With family law being a broad area that includes many issues pertaining to families and couples, it should not surprise many that child support falls under the category of family law.

What property can spouses consider as separate?

When two people get a divorce, there is a lot that they may dispute, including property. Whether both spouses decide to go after the house, car or even the family business, these types of disputes are not easy to resolve, especially if both spouses feel as though they are entitled to the property for which they have been fighting. While marital property is what the couple will be disputing over and possibly dividing when they get divorced, it is likely that each spouse will have separate property that will not be up for grabs. The problem with this is that the other spouse may disagree with their determination that the property is separate.

Big Bang Theory star officially files for divorce

The divorce rate in the United States is something that has been high for several years now. In fact, with thousands of divorces occurring each year, the number of marriages that have come to an end has continued to climb as time has gone by. No matter what the reason for two people divorcing may be, the point is that one or both people want out of the relationship and when they file, they are finally ready to move on with their life and legally end the marriage.

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