Board declines man's parole bid

Board declines man's parole bid

On behalf of Aaron & Aaron, Attorneys at Law posted in Boating Under the Influence on Tuesday, June 10, 2014.

Some readers from South Carolina may recall the deadly boating accident on Lake Murray that left two women dead. The man who was convicted of reckless homicide with respect to that incident recently saw his petition for early release from prison denied by a board. He is currently serving a 10-year sentence.

The crash occurred in May 2010 near the Susie Ebert and Flotilla islands. After the collision, police performed blood testing on the man that allegedly indicated he had been boating while intoxicated with a blood alcohol content of .11 percent; the legal limit in South Carolina is .08 percent.

The man's bid for early release came after he had served a little more than two years of his sentence. As part of his application, he stated that he had taken job training classes while in prison and had offered tutoring services to other inmates. However, the Board of Paroles and Pardons denied his petition without comment at this time. He will be eligible to be released from prison in 2017. The man said that he prays for the victims and their families several times a day and apologized to them once again for the damage he was found to have caused.

In cases where a conviction for an alcohol-related offense appears unavoidable, it may nevertheless be possible to mitigate the severity of the sentence in some way. For example, if the accused displays genuine remorse for his or her actions, a judge may be more lenient than would otherwise be the case. Similarly, it may be possible to reduce the length of the sentence served by petitioning for early release, as the man in this case has sought to do.

Source: The Island Packet, "Boater convicted in deadly crash loses parole bid", Tim Flach, June 04, 2014