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Child Support Archives

Obama child support rule left alone by Trump

A rule that took effect just before former President Barack Obama left office has so far been left unchanged by President Donald Trump. The law would require South Carolina and other states to set realistic child support levels for noncustodial parents who are in jail or who live in poverty. The goal is to ensure that noncustodial parents don't accumulate debt that they can't afford, which could trigger a cycle of incarceration.

Learn more about past due child support payments

South Carolina custodial parents may be entitled to missed child support payments even after the child turns 18 or is otherwise emancipated. Therefore, a noncustodial parent is obligated to pay any support that is in arrears until that past due balance is paid off. To ensure that a past due balance is paid, the government may suspend professional licenses, garnish wages or seize tax refunds.

New regulations for inmate child support issued

After South Carolina courts have issued child support orders, some parents who are ordered to pay end up being incarcerated after committing criminal offenses. When inmates are in prison, they make very little money. Consequently, many inmates who have child support orders leave prison facing substantial amounts of delinquent child support debts.

Children benefit from child support agreements

Studies show that single-parent households are more likely to be poor than households with two parents. Receiving child support can help a single parent with expenses, but the number of parents receiving child support is on the decline. Just 49 percent of parents in 2014 had a formal child support agreement in place. This was down 11 percentage points from the numbers a decade earlier. Single South Carolina parents may want to consider getting a formal child support agreement because experts say that children in single-parent households benefit from receiving child support in a number of ways.

Expenses a judge might not consider in child support orders

After North Carolina parents go through a divorce, one may begin paying child support to the other. A child support agreement is either negotiated outside of court or ordered by a judge. A judge who makes a ruling on child support will consider the parents' combined incomes and the child's monthly expenses.

Child support for future Olympic athletes

Many South Carolina residents watched television coverage of Michael Phelps and Gabby Douglas competing at the Rio Summer Olympics. The two athletes are both at the top of their game, and they are both children of divorced parents. Phelps and Douglas are a reminder that children can still accomplish great things after their parents end their marriage.

Examining the child support enforcement options available to the CSSD

While it can be truly liberating to secure a divorce, it would perhaps be a mistake to think that the transition will be seamless. Indeed, a person may have to adjust to new living arrangements and, more perhaps significantly for custodial parents, life on a single income.

High-asset divorce can cause unique challenges in South Carolina

For South Carolina residents facing high-asset divorce, unique challenges can arise during the process that average couples may never have to overcome. The division of valuable collections or multiple properties can lead to contentious battles that require months or even years of litigation. At the law firm of Aaron & Aaron, our experienced attorneys can help you overcome even the most complex divorce-related challenges.

Can child support payments be modified in South Carolina?

After parents end their relationships or divorce, child support normally becomes part of their lives. Most parents do not begrudge the payments, as they know their importance in their children's lives. Unfortunately, some parents find themselves struggling to make their court-ordered payments due to job losses or other unexpected events. If you are in a similar situation, you can request that a South Carolina family court modify your child support payments. 

Understanding child support payments for South Carolina parents

For parents in South Carolina who are divorcing or ending their romantic relationships, child support is likely a topic of concern. Most parents know only the basics about child support and are unsure of the specifics. At the law firm of Aaron & Aaron, we can help you understand how child support payments are determined, and we can explain which factors can cause payment amounts to deviate from the standard.

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