Divorce, video games, and co-parenting matters

Divorce, video games, and co-parenting matters

On behalf of Aaron & Aaron, Attorneys at Law posted in Child Custody on Thursday, September 1, 2016.

Co-parenting after ending a marriage can be impacted by the manner in which South Carolina parents have approached their divorce. Those who work together through mediation or collaboration often seek solutions that will encompass the goals of both parties while keeping the best interests of a child in focus. However, those who have gone through a court battle could continue to experience major contentions over matters that are not particularly serious. The issue of screen time and video games, for example, might be a significant concern for some parents and a minor interest for others. Moderating a child's screen time when they are away from home could depend on the co-parenting relationship.

Custody and visitation decisions made by a judge tend to be based on a child's best interest, but these decisions are not likely to focus on every possible scenario that could be faced in either parental home. One of the best ways to provide a framework for moderation and limitations with a child's screen time is to discuss the issue with the other parent. Although one's view might be different, a compromise could be reached to ensure that a child's routines are not negatively affected by game play.

The popularity of Pokémon Go has provided a balance of physical activity to complement the use of technology, which could be viewed as a way to enhance a child's health. A parent expressing concerns over excessive game play might point out safety issues that have surfaced as the game has been played in unfamiliar settings. Divorced parents could establish safety parameters that they both agree to enforce during a child's time playing the game.

There might not be much legal recourse against a parent refusing to limit recreational activities such as watching television or playing video games unless these activities have a serious and negative impact on a child's well-being. Examples of serious situations might include a child missing school frequently because of their involvement in tech-related activities. A parent who is concerned about this type of situation might want to discuss the matter with a family law attorney.