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What happens to your fur baby in a divorce?

Maybe it is because so many people now wait to marry, and it seems couples decide to have children much later in life than they did in the past. Somehow the family dog has moved into a far more revered status, sleeping in beds, followed on the Internet and fed grain-free diets. Or perhaps it has always been this way, but now with technology, it has become more obvious, that the unconditional love of a pet propels them into a high-ranking status and a solid member of the family. So it isn't a surprise that a primary concern for many couples as they come to the realization that their union just isn't working is who will get custody of the pet, especially when both are vying for the privilege.

Understanding family court jurisdiction in South Carolina

In the state of South Carolina, matters related to family law are heard in family court. A state statute enacted in 1976 established the family court system, and, since that time, it has had jurisdiction over a wide range of matters, from domestic and family relationships to divorce and marriage. If you are unsure about whether your case will be heard in family court, you may find the following information helpful.

Tips for record keeping regarding alimony

Alimony payments carry unique tax issues that require that you keep excellent records should you ever be audited. Essentially, alimony payments, or "spousal support" payments, are given by one spouse to another following a divorce. Usually, alimony is ordered when one spouse significantly out-earns the other. These payments are the court's way of balancing the economic scales between the parties, which allows the disadvantaged spouse time to build up a new life.

You deserve to receive alimony permanently

Divorce can be a difficult thing for people to bounce back from. Emotions are running high, lives are changing and there is no telling how difficult or simple the process could be for those divorcing. Along with possibly having to move out of the marital home and divide property with your former spouse, you may also have to deal with the issue of alimony and convincing the courts that you deserve to receive spousal support until you are able to become financially independent or, in some cases, permanently.

Factors that can affect child support payments

Family law is an area that includes a number of legal issues. From child custody and support to marriage and divorce, people who are having difficulty addressing certain issue regarding their family or relationship often see family law attorneys when they are in need of assistance. With family law being a broad area that includes many issues pertaining to families and couples, it should not surprise many that child support falls under the category of family law.

An attorney can assist with your family legal matters

From divorce to child custody and support, there are a number of things that parents may find themselves feuding over at some point in time. When families find themselves experiencing difficulties, they may feel a high amount of anger and stress as a result. With emotions running high because children may be involved, parents may be thinking irrationally when it comes to addressing these issues, which is why some feel it is necessary to hire an attorney.

Why a parent may request to modify visitation rights

People run into various family law issues throughout the year, so it is not uncommon for two parents to find themselves disagreeing over child custody. These disagreements over child custody may not always be easy to deal with, but there is a way that these types of disputes can be resolved and allow both parents to have an equal amount of time with their child. While that outcome would be ideal, it doesn't always end that way.

What factors are considered when awarding custody?

After two people have decided to no longer be together their decision can affect more than themselves, especially if there is a child involved. Married or not, the couple may have much to discuss and sort out including child custody and support. If both parents want full custody, the discussion can easily turn into a dispute that will be had out in court.

Familiarize yourself with complicated adoption issues beforehand

Adoption is a very exciting time for any hopeful parent. You are seeking to provide a home to a child in need, while enriching your own life with the love of a child. However, whether you are a parent or grandparent seeking to adopt, this process, while thrilling, can be very complicated. There are a number of legal issues that could occur that could prevent you from achieving your dream to adopt, so you need to be familiar with these issues before, or soon after, the adoption process begins.

What is a Parenting Plan and Do You Really Need One?

A parenting plan is an agreement between mother and father that specifies how you plan to share visitation and make important decisions about the children's education, health and overall well-being. Each parent creates their own plan, but if you and the other parent decide to create a joint one, then this is acceptable as well. People often refer to it as a "custody and visitation agreement." Both parties should sign the final plan. The court is the authority that enforces it.

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