Helping you assert your father's rights in South Carolina

Helping you assert your father's rights in South Carolina

On behalf of Aaron & Aaron, Attorneys at Law posted in Child Custody on Sunday, February 7, 2016.

The law firm of Aaron & Aaron is a full-service family law firm, which allows our clients to seek our guidance for all of their related legal needs. In fact, part of our practice is in an area of the law most people in South Carolina do not consider until the needs arise -- father's rights. If you are a father facing a divorce or fighting a child custody battle and you have questions about father's rights, our attorneys can provide the answers.

In recent years, father's rights have become a topic of conversation in legal circles. This is the opposite of the ways things had been for decades in the United States. Today, more and more men are attempting to assert their rights, making the legal community take a closer look at ensuring fair parenting time is awarded to both parents.

Today, fathers have the same rights to their children as mothers. Even so, men are statistically less likely to be awarded custody of their children, and many still struggle to obtain equal time with their children after divorces or the ends of relationships. Fortunately, many states are moving toward shared custody, giving both parents equal access to their children.

If you are a father in South Carolina and you need an attorney to help you gain access to or more time with your children, you can turn to the attorneys at the law firm of Aaron & Aaron. We will explain your father's rights under state law and help you make the best decisions for you and your family. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you protect your relationships with your children, please visit our website, where you will find more information.