Burglary, Theft And Property Crimes

A burglary charge varies based on circumstance.

First-degree burglary is defined as breaking into a residence and carries life as an optional sentence as it is defined as a violent crime. Third-degree burglary is a misdemeanor and is defined as breaking into a building that is nonresidential, unoccupied and without possession of a weapon.

Theft/larceny, on the other hand, is charged based on the amount of goods involved. Anything up to $2,000 is handled in magistrate's court. After that, it becomes grand larceny with no minimum sentence, after which there are minimum five-year sentences.

It goes without saying that these charges are extremely serious and can destroy the accused person's personal or professional life. If you or a loved one has been charged or accused, it is critical to reach out to a skilled lawyer as soon as possible to begin aggressively protecting your rights.

Our Experience Can Make The Difference

Because our representation is founded on more than a quarter century of experience, we are able to bring a comprehensive knowledge of investigation and discovery to fully understand your issue, vigorously attack any weakness in the prosecution's case and work toward an ideal resolution in court or negotiation.

As with all criminal charges, however, it is critical to begin building your defense as soon as possible. As such, we strongly encourage you to get in touch with us.

To discuss any car theft or other larceny/burglary issue in a free initial consultation with a Clemson burglary charge lawyer, call 864-271-5545 or email us.


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