Child Custody

Our children are not property, but they are our most important asset due to the way they enrich our lives. It is only natural then that child custody cases have the potential to be very combative and emotional. Having an experienced Clemson child custody attorney on your side can help you rest easy knowing that a solution is being tailored that protects your children and respects your parental rights.

Full Service Child Custody Representation

At Aaron & Aaron, we provide child custody representation from S. Paul Aaron, an attorney with more than 30 years of experience. He will make sure you are not pushed around and pursue the best possible outcome for your family.

Child Custody In South Carolina

South Carolina courts can assign either joint custody or sole custody. While the main factor in any child custody case is the broadly phrased "best interests of the children," there are actually many different things that can influence the ultimate decision about how custody of your child will be divided between you and your former spouse. This includes factors such as:

  • Temperament and needs of the child

  • The parents' wishes

  • The parents' ability to care for the child

  • Stability of the child's current and possible future homes

  • Child's preference (when appropriate based on maturity and the child's ability to express his or her preference)

  • The adjustments the child will have to make

  • Any history of domestic violence

  • Religious faith

This list is not exhaustive, but serves to show that there are many different topics that must be addressed in any child custody situation. As such, it is vital to have an attorney who fully understands all aspects of custody on your side.

A Note On "Sole Custody"

While they say "sole custody," many parents actually mean primary physical custody. True sole custody, which is sole physical custody and legal custody, is very rare and only available in circumstances where one parent presents a danger to the child. Even in those cases, it is often possible for said parent to receive supervised visitation.

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