Every Sex Crimes Case Is Serious

It is important to realize that in South Carolina, all sex offenses can be considered for the sex offender registry. These charges can range from sexual conduct with a minor in the first degree to criminal sex in the third degree, which would involve a 15-year-old engaging in sex with an 18-year-old.

A conviction for one of these charges is catastrophic not only in the short term, but in the long term as well. In the case of criminal sexual conduct involving coercion, a charge can carry a sentence of up to 30 years in prison. Criminal sexual conduct with a minor has a minimum sentence of 25 years. In addition, each offense carries with it mandatory sex offender registration.

Even charges like lewd acts, peeping tom and indecent exposure, all of which are less serious, still require registration in the sex offender registry. Because of the stakes of these cases, it is critical to seek out expert counsel and begin protecting your rights as soon as possible.

We Handle The Toughest Cases

With more than a quarter century of experience, we know that early intervention is key to getting the best outcome from your case. If you call us soon after your arrest, our team can do things to fight your case even before going to trial. Even better, if you call before you are charged with a crime, there is even more we can do to help your case.

We know that many of these cases are very emotional, even more so when they involve children. At the same time, they are often he said/she said cases without physical evidence, sometimes with a high dubious motivation on the behalf of the accuser. We are committed to bringing experienced representation with the highest degree of confidentiality and discreetness.

To discuss any sex crime issue in a free initial consultation with a Clemson criminal sexual conduct attorney, call 864-271-5545 or email me.


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