Domestic Violence Charges Can Disrupt Your Life

A conviction of domestic violence can have serious and far-reaching impacts on the accused person's life. If and when the police show up on a domestic disturbance call, it is almost a guarantee that an arrest will be made.

To make these situations even more difficult, a prosecuting attorney will frequently move forward on these types of cases even if/when a victim recants his or her statement.

The consequences of a domestic violence charge can escalate depending on the circumstances. A first-time offense is often a misdemeanor requiring 30 days in jail, but the actual charge will depend on the alleged conduct of the accused, meaning a first-time charge can result in a gross misdemeanor or felony. A second offense is a felony requiring a year in prison.

Understand The Impact Of Your Situation

To make matters worse, these charges often result in an order of protection that forbids you from:

  • Seeing your family

  • Entering your home

  • Owning a firearm

It may even result in loss of employment. Because of the seriousness of a domestic violence charge, it is crucial to seek out a skilled lawyer.

Our attorneys have worked on criminal issues in South Carolina for more than a quarter century, and there is no domestic violence case for which we are not prepared. We are ready to undertake rigorous investigation and vigorously protect your rights. Don't get pushed around — call Aaron & Aaron today.

To discuss any criminal domestic violence issue in a free initial consultation with a domestic violence defense attorney, call 864-271-5545 or contact us online.


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