Don't be charmed by the insurance adjuster

This article looks at why auto accident victims should be careful when negotiating with claims adjusters.

Insurance companies are businesses and, as such, their first priority is to make a profit. For people who have been involved in a car accident, insurance adjusters can be charming and very persuasive, but ultimately their job is to settle a claim for as low as possible. Accident victims should receive all that they are entitled to, and Aaron & Aaron can help!

The first offer

As the Hanford Sentinel notes, insurance adjusters can be pretty good at making claimants feel as though they are friendly and interested in only seeing the claimant fairly compensated. What tends to surprise many accident victims is just how quickly the claims adjuster will come to them with a settlement offer. This initial offer may sound generous and, with bills for medical treatment, lost income, and repairs adding up, it may be tempting to accept the offer as quickly as possible. This is almost always lower than what a claimant is actually entitled to. If you are injured, Aaron & Aaron personal injury attorneys will fight for you to get the best settlement the law provides.

The knowledge gap

Don't try to negotiate this settlement yourself! Claims adjusters have a significant advantage over claimants in these negotiations, and may use a simple conversation against you. Their initial offer may sound enticing, but it could end up denying the claimant the fair compensation they deserve. Aaron & Aaron has over 30 years of legal experience representing those injured through the fault of another. Contact us now!

Don't get pushed around! The adjuster is a skilled negotiator who can take advantage of a claimant's relative inexperience in the claims process in order to reach a settlement that is in the best interests of the insurer's bottom line. That knowledge gap means that claimants are more susceptible to agreeing to a low offer or to succumbing to some of the pressure tactics that adjusters commonly employ, such as by setting deadlines for when an initial offer "must" be agreed to.

Closing the gap

If you are injured in an auto accident, you deserve a fair settlement, receiving all the law allows for your pain and suffering, medical treatment and future enjoyment of life. You must have somebody on your side who is as experienced in handling claims negotiations as adjusters are. By contacting Aaron & Aaron personal injury attorneys, accident victims can help close the knowledge gap that exists between them and the adjuster. If you have been injured in an auto accident, call Aaron & Aaron to fight for you!


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