DSS Cases

The Department Of Social Services

The people at the Department of Social Services (DSS) try their best to regulate family and child-abuse-related issues. The problem is that they are understaffed, under-trained and overworked, so in many cases, they start legal processes that end up with good, innocent people losing their kids.

Our Clemson DSS trouble attorneys have more than 30 years of experience. When the DSS takes your children away or causes you other problems with your family life, we can help defend you. From our South Carolina law office, we give our clients honest and simple answers to their questions and fight for their rights.

DSS Treatment Plans

It's a common story:

A complaint is made and DSS officials show up. They try to convince the parent or parents to sign a treatment plan that includes signing off their kids into DSS custody.

People in this situation often think there is nothing they can do, because the DSS seems to have all the power and authority. You should know that the DSS does not have the power to simply take your kids away:

  • The agreement is not mandatory: DSS does not have the legal power to force you to sign the treatment plan.

  • It's only an agreement: If you sign the treatment plan, you are not locked in permanently. You can change your mind down the road, and DSS must take it to court, where you will have a chance to fight to regain custody.

  • With early intervention, we can help you retain custody: If you call us immediately, we can work with you and with the DSS representatives to help you keep your children.

Many people think that DSS makes all the decisions and has all the power. But they have the power only if you sign off on it. You need to know what you're doing. Talk to a lawyer immediately.

Clemson Department Of Social Services Help Lawyer | Free Consultations

We offer a free initial phone consultation, because you should know your rights when it comes to DSS intervention in your family's life. We might be able to help you get your kids back, so call or email us for more information.


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