Driving Under The Influence Of Drugs

While there are a number of issues with regard to the protocol of a general DUI, when it is a drug-related DUI charge, things become even more nuanced. The subtle complexities of toxicology enter the equation, making it even more possible to mount a defense.

It is important to note, first and foremost, that you can be charged with a DUI as long as a substance has impaired your normal faculties. While officers can run a field sobriety test (assuming you consent to the Datamaster), if it shows up as low or zero, they can take you to the police station on suspicion of medication. They can run a blood or urine test that will then be sent to a lab, but these tests have a major flaw: They cannot tell how old the drugs are in your system.

Even if someone took a substance a day or longer ago, it will show up in his or her urine even when he or she is completely sober. Because of this, it is extremely important to work with a skilled DUI attorney to work toward acquittal.

Rely On A DUI Attorney In These Cases

With more than 30 years of experience, our attorneys are ready to work one-on-one to fully understand your issue and work toward outright dismissal or mitigation of consequences. S. Paul Aaron has trained officers on DUI procedure and worked as a special prosecutor for DUIs. Cheryl Aaron has practiced at every trial and appellate court level and also served as a prosecutor. Because of their experience, there is no case for which our attorneys are not ready.

To discuss any drug test challenge in a free initial consultation with a Clemson DUI drug defense lawyer, call 864-271-5545 or contact us online.


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