Elementary school teacher facing domestic violence charges

Domestic violence charges can have serious consequences, even if the charges are later dropped. If a spouse decides to phone the police during the course of a household argument, one or both spouses may be arrested and face charges. A similar incident recently occurred involving an elementary school teacher in Horry County.

Teacher and husband both charged with domestic violence

According to wbtw.com, the elementary school teacher and her husband were both charged after police arrived at their house. A police report was filed, but appears to contain inaccurate statements about what actually occurred.

For instance, the report states that an argument broke out while the couple was discussing the teacher's motorcycle. However, the woman's husband claims the two were actually arguing over the television remote control. Therefore, the main topic of the argument remains unclear.

Additionally, the police report also claims that the circumstances made it difficult to determine which statements were accurate or how the argument began. Despite the uncertain nature of the incident, police chose to charge both parties with criminal domestic violence. The domestic violence charge may result in severe harm to the woman's professional reputation as an educator.

Even statements directed toward oneself can result in domestic violence charges

There are a several characterized forms of abuse that can result in domestic violence charges, including:

  • Physical

  • Emotional

  • Economic

  • Psychological

There are also numerous actions that can be classified as abuse. Physical abuse includes actions such as punching or hitting, but can also include forcing drugs or alcohol on a person or even withholding medical treatment.

Emotional abuse involves name-calling, taunting or any action that reduces an individual's sense of self-worth. Withholding money or physically restraining an individual from going to school or work is considered economic abuse.

Making statements or taking actions which cause an individual to feel fear is psychological abuse. Even statements directed toward oneself, such as threatening suicide, qualify as psychological abuse that can lead to domestic violence charges.

Stalking, as well as cyber-stalking, is also now considered abuse in certain circumstances. Even otherwise legal actions, such as sending letters, making phone calls or sending a gift can be considered stalking if several of these actions are taken within a short period of time or if they cause the recipient to reasonably fear harm.

There is also a broad definition of a domestic violence victim. Many people may think they will only face domestic violence charges if their actions are directed towards a spouse. However, relationships that can involve domestic violence now include children, family members and even dating partners. For instance, the couple in the story above is not married, yet both were still charged with domestic violence as they have a child together.

An individual charged with domestic violence should consult an experienced domestic violence defense attorney. The attorney can thoroughly investigate the situation and provide assistance with mitigating the potential damage.


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