Four reasons to hire your own real estate closing lawyer in South Carolina

On behalf of Paul Aaron at Aaron & Aaron

When an individual or a business is closing on the purchase of a residential or commercial property in South Carolina, a real estate attorney must perform the closing. Did you know that you do not have to use the lawyer suggested by your bank? While your lender may have provided you with a name of its preferred closing attorney, you are under no obligation to hire that person or law firm. In fact, there are many reasons why you should choose your own instead.

Why should I choose my own lawyer?

With a decision as important as buying a piece of property, you want to ensure that everything is completed to meet your goals. Make sure you choose an attorney who is responsive to you.

  • Money: Buying a house or a commercial property for your business may be the largest financial decision you will make during your life. Make sure that your money is spent for services and results specific to you!

  • Time: Lenders are in the business of making money. The faster they can close a high number of deals, the more money they will make. A bank may pick a lawyer based on his or her ability to close the deal with the least amount of time, time that should be spent attending to the details of your closing transaction. Don't settle for someone who simply wants to close the deal and move onto the next one. At Aaron & Aaron, we will take the time to review every document and verify all the facts so you are sure to get what you believe you are buying.

  • Experience: A lawyer's experience matters less to a bank than his or her ability to close the deal. Hiring an attorney with years of real estate closing experience will help you avoid expensive and time-consuming mistakes. An experienced lawyer guiding you through the entire buying process will not only help you get what you want, but will also provide you with peace of mind before, during and after the closing.

  • Personal needs: Buying real estate is a deeply personal decision. Homes are often extensions of our personalities and reflect who we are as individuals or families. A place of business may mirror the nature of the company. Seek an attorney who sees your transaction as a bigger part of how you want to live and work and who will do what is necessary to help you accomplish your goals.

Choose an experienced and committed attorney

Don't take any chances when you are buying a property. Choose a real estate lawyer from the law firm of Aaron & Aaron, an attorney who is:

  • Responsive to your desires and rights

  • Intuitive to your needs

  • Dedicated to getting you the best outcome

We have more than 30 years of experience handling closings in South Carolina, and we will work hard for you.


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