Getting Medical Bills Paid After An Accident

Medical bills can mount up after a car accident, creating a great deal of financial stress for your family. If another driver was at fault, then his or her insurance company is responsible for paying your bills. Unfortunately, it will not do so until your case is resolved either by trial or settlement.

At the law firm of Aaron & Aaron in Clemson, South Carolina, our lawyers offer a free initial consultation to discuss your medical care options after an accident. It is vitally important that you receive necessary medical care for two reasons: to get better and to prove your injuries to the insurance company.

What Are My Options For Medical Care?

There are ways you can obtain medical care after a car accident without damaging your finances or your credit. Those options may include:

  • Personal injury protection: Your auto insurance may include personal injury protection (PIP) coverage to pay medical bills, regardless of who was at fault. Our lawyers will review your insurance to see if you have this coverage.

  • Private or group coverage: If you have medical coverage either through your employer or a private policy, your insurance will pay your bills. Most insurance policies have a subrogation provision that requires you to repay your insurance company if you recover compensation from the insurance company of the at-fault driver. Our lawyers will negotiate with your insurance company so you keep as much of your recovery as possible.

  • Medicare or Medicaid: Government insurance plans will cover your bills. While you will have to repay Medicare or Medicaid if you recover compensation from the other driver's insurance, our lawyers will work to ensure you keep as much of your recovery as possible.

  • Medical lien: Some doctors will provide your care in exchange for a lien on your future personal injury verdict or settlement.

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