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If a divorce is in your future, the sooner you discuss your financial situation with an experienced attorney, the better able you will be to protect your financial interests.

At the law firm of Aaron & Aaron in Clemson, South Carolina, our lawyers handle high-asset divorce involving businesses, real estate and other valuable property. We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

Protecting Your Interests In A Business

Whether or not a business is a marital asset or even whether it has value is an important question to both you and your spouse. Even if a business is in your name only, it is still a marital asset if you started it during your marriage. The longer your marriage, the closer your spouse's interest will rise to 50 percent. If you owned the business before your marriage, any increase in value of that asset during your marriage may be considered marital property.

Valuing and dividing a business is complex and usually involves the use of experts. A small service business may not have value beyond the good will created by the owner. In most cases, however, a business has value beyond good will if it can be sold to someone else.

Selling a business and splitting the proceeds is one way to divide a business. However, both parties may need income from the business to maintain their standard of living after the divorce. For this reason, it's important to find ways to divide the value of a business without destroying that value.

Other types of significant assets may include:

  • Real estate

  • Professional practices

  • Retirement savings such as IRA and 401(k) accounts

  • Pension plans

  • Stock options and deferred compensation

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