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Strategies for property division

Asset division and property distribution may be among the most challenging aspects of a divorce in Texas. The specific property that is eligible for division, the value of that property and the best way of splitting it fairly are all major considerations for many divorcing couples. These considerations are especially vital for those going through a high-asset divorce.

Understanding grounds for divorce in South Carolina

A spouse who is considering filing for divorce in the state of South Carolina has a multitude of decisions to make before he or she actually files. The first of many is the decision concerning which ground to cite as the reason for the divorce. In the state, divorcing spouses have five grounds for divorce, from which they must choose only one.

Can my spouse use collusion to prevent our divorce?

In the state of South Carolina, there are certain requirements that must be met in order for married couples to receive a divorce judgment. There is the obvious residency requirement, a waiting period and the grounds for a divorce that must be identified in order to file for and receive a divorce. For most divorcing couples, meeting these requirements is relatively easy, especially considering that no-fault can be used as grounds for divorce. For couples that both agreed to divorce, these simple requirements are great. However, when one spouse contests the divorce, they may try to use collusion to stop the proceedings.

How do a summary divorce and traditional divorce differ?

Every day there are couples who make the decision to file for divorce. It may have been a difficult decision to make, but at the end of the day, for some, there is really no other option. Even though couples may have different reasons for why they are choosing to end their marriage when it comes to how they want to end it, they only have so many options, and that includes a summary divorce and a traditional divorce.

Grounds for divorce in South Carolina

Making the decision to legally end a marriage isn't always an easy one for couples. Depending on why they are choosing to end their marriage, it may take people a long time to decide what they should do if things simply aren't working out. Once they do decide to move forward with the divorce, they have a number of options as to what they can put down as the reason why they are legally ending their marriage.

Big Bang Theory star officially files for divorce

The divorce rate in the United States is something that has been high for several years now. In fact, with thousands of divorces occurring each year, the number of marriages that have come to an end has continued to climb as time has gone by. No matter what the reason for two people divorcing may be, the point is that one or both people want out of the relationship and when they file, they are finally ready to move on with their life and legally end the marriage.

Margaret Cho files for divorce

When a marriage isn't working, people may find that it is best for them to just throw in the towel and go their separate ways. Even though some people choose to stay and fight, others may not believe that their marriage can be salvaged. This may not be the reason for all divorces, but it is common for people to agree that their marriage is over and file for divorce.

Couple disputes over frozen embryos during divorce

It is normal for two people who are divorcing to dispute over several issues. Property division and alimony may be common topics of discussion, but there are other things that couples may argue about. While some feud about the common divorce issues, others may come to realize that their divorce is particularly unique, especially when they find themselves discussing the fate of their frozen embryos.

Benefits of a lump sum alimony payment

In South Carolina, alimony payments (also known as spousal support) are generally required when a divorce causes an economic burden on one spouse. The most common example is a stay-at-home mom or dad. If you stay home to care for children, then you are likely unable to financially support yourself after a divorce and may need time to develop job skills. Another example might be a wealthy individual who marries a non-wealthy individual and neither spouse works. In a divorce, the non-wealthy individual may want to maintain the lifestyle that he or she had in the marriage, and so alimony might be granted.

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