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Benefits of a lump sum alimony payment

In South Carolina, alimony payments (also known as spousal support) are generally required when a divorce causes an economic burden on one spouse. The most common example is a stay-at-home mom or dad. If you stay home to care for children, then you are likely unable to financially support yourself after a divorce and may need time to develop job skills. Another example might be a wealthy individual who marries a non-wealthy individual and neither spouse works. In a divorce, the non-wealthy individual may want to maintain the lifestyle that he or she had in the marriage, and so alimony might be granted.

South Carolina sees change to alimony laws

Much like marriage, in South Carolina divorce is a huge change and generally one for the better. If you are no longer happy in your marriage, then why should you remain in that position? One option is to attempt mediation, but this is not for everyone. If you have decided your relationship is beyond repair, divorce could be the healthiest and most sensible next step to take.

Many divorcees don't consider retirement benefits

Some relationships last a lifetime, but this is not true of them all. For those that don't, divorce often becomes an attractive option and one chosen by many couples each year in South Carolina. There are several matters to take into account during the divorce process, from the division of property to who receives custody of children and pets. However, one matter many couples forget is that of retirement assets.

Was future income a major element to Russell Wilson's divorce?

Many residents here in Clemson, South Carolina are well aware of Russell Wilson, the Super Bowl-winning quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks. But before he became a national celebrity, Wilson was plying his athletic trade in the other Carolina. He was a star football and baseball player for North Carolina State before completing his NCAA eligibility with Wisconsin for one season. Then he moved on to the NFL, where in just his second season he won the sport's most illustrious award: the Lombardi Trophy, signifying that he and the Seahawks won the NFL championship.

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