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Managing a college savings account after a divorce

South Carolina residents considering a divorce or going through the process may be concerned about the fate of any long term investments that they made while married. It is possible that some savings accounts might be lost during the divorce or misspent by one of the departing spouses. Even investments such as savings for a child's college education may be at risk.

Points to consider when dividing retirement accounts

South Carolina couples over the age of 50 may be more likely to divorce than couples in their age group in past years. In 1990, fewer than half the number of couples over 50 divorced compared to today. While the main concern among younger couples who divorce might be child custody, for older couples, the focus is often on retirement accounts.

Property division and the value of a business

Divorces can often be stressful and complicated. This is especially true when one or both spouses own a business in South Carolina. Along with other property, the business may need to be divided between the spouses. The first step in the division process will be to determine an accurate value of the business.

Divorce and custody cases make relocating less likely

In the past, it was fairly common for people to move to other states in order to get better jobs, to have better living situations and to have brighter futures. Since the mid-1960s, however, the U.S. migration rates have significantly declined. A study points to the idea that divorce and child custody have a strong impact on why people in South Carolina and around the country are choosing to stay put rather than to move.

Concerns about finances during divorce

South Carolina residents who are getting a divorce and who are homeowners may need to make a number of financial decisions. This might be particularly difficult if they have not been responsible for many of the financial decisions in the marriage.

Unemployed husbands may face higher divorce risk

A study has found that couples in South Carolina and throughout the country may be more likely to get a divorce if the husband is unemployed. Experts have speculated about the reasons that this is the case. One may be that men are more likely than women to be unemployed involuntarily.

The uses of a divorce settlement agreement

Couples in South Carolina who are getting a divorce may also put together what is known as a divorce settlement agreement. This document can offer a great deal of protection to both individuals. For the agreement to be mutually beneficial, however, it's important that it be prepared carefully and followed by both parties.

Alternatives to litigation in divorce

People in South Carolina who are considering divorce may already know that a number of options besides litigation are available, and that most of the time, they are less expensive and faster. Some couples might be able to do an uncontested divorce. Even for couples who have children and considerable assets, this may be a possibility if they are able to come to an agreement through negotiation.

How to deal with a mortgage in a divorce

Homeowners in South Carolina who are facing divorce might wonder what steps they need to take in order to split their property. This process can be difficult enough that some divorced couples might choose to remain living in the same house if they are close to paying off the mortgage.

Tips for social media during divorce

South Carolina couples who are getting a divorce might not think about the impact their social media usage could have on the process. However, people often reveal more than they realize on sites like Facebook, and even if the impression they give in their posts about their income or lifestyle is inaccurate, it could still be harmful in court. Many people also may not realize that electronic communications such as text messages and email are subject to a subpoena. The best policy is to avoid writing down anything that a person would not want to see brought up in court.

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