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Helping you assert your father's rights in South Carolina

The law firm of Aaron & Aaron is a full-service family law firm, which allows our clients to seek our guidance for all of their related legal needs. In fact, part of our practice is in an area of the law most people in South Carolina do not consider until the needs arise -- father's rights. If you are a father facing a divorce or fighting a child custody battle and you have questions about father's rights, our attorneys can provide the answers.

How does the Latimer test determine if a parent can relocate?

In South Carolina, as well as the rest of the world, couples are having children. Some couples are married, some are not, and still some are not even couples. When a child is brought into the world, a shift takes place, and some couples break under the pressure, others strengthen, and some, who were not couples, give co-parenting their best shot.

Parents should work together to resolve custody disputes

One of the most difficult things for parents to deal with when getting divorced is child custody. When relationships come to an end, and there are children involved, there is a chance that parents will disagree about how they will handle child custody. Even though they have the option to work together to figure out an arrangement, some parents choose to battle it out in court and let the judge decide for them. With this not always being the best decision because of a judge possibly ruling in favor of the other parent, parents should work together to find a solution that works for both of them and also benefits the child.

Why is joint custody often seen as the best option?

In the event of a divorce, when two people have a child together, they will have to address the issue of child custody. A discussion about who the child will live with and what parent is able to properly care for them may quickly escalate and become heated. Both parents may feel they are better equipped to care for the child, but there may be a custody arrangement that both may find themselves comfortable with. While one parent may strongly believe that it is best for the child to be cared for by them and that the other parent should only receive visitation, some parents see joint custody as the best option.

When do courts use a child's wishes to help determine custody?

Child custody cases can be difficult to go through. Parents often get emotional and children may be traumatized by the constant bickering they may see between their parents, which makes the situation stressful for all parties involved. If parents disagree, the courts will step in and make a decision about child custody for them and will use a number of factors to do so. In some cases, they even let the child weigh in on the case.

What factors are used to determine which parent gets custody?

Child custody is a sensitive issue. It can be especially difficult if both parents have found themselves feuding over which parent will get custody. When parents cannot come to an agreement on child custody, it is common for them to take their dispute to court and let the judge decide which parent will be awarded custody of the child. While all states have their own way of determining which parent will get custody of their children, in South Carolina the judge may examine certain factors to make a decision.

Establishing father's rights as an unmarried father

Both biological parents have the right to pursue child custody and child visitation, regardless of whether they were ever married. Married fathers, or once married fathers, do not automatically have a better claim to child custody rights compared to unmarried fathers. Rather, the court operates under the assumption that the child benefits more when both parents are involved in his or her life.

South Carolina couple tows baby by moped in storm

Police charged a local couple in Myrtle Beach with child neglect for towing their baby girl in a bicycle trailer attached to a moped. The weather was rainy and the city was subject to a weather advisory due to Tropical Storm Ana. The couple told police that the person who sold them the bicycle trailer said that it could be used with a moped. They had buckled the baby into the trailer, and they did not know that towing the baby was against the law.

Mother arrested over custody interference

Child custody decisions can often be difficult for parents in South Carolina to accept. No matter what terms you are on with your child's other parent, the chances are that you would still like to be as much a part of your child's life as possible. Unfortunately, in order to ensure that children are able to spend time with each parent, assuming they are deemed suitable, child custody orders generally restrict the amount of time each parent gets with their child.

Not having physical custody does not mean you get no say

Child custody battles can be difficult things to go through. In general, most parents simply want the best for their children and to be as much a part of their lives as possible. However, as many parents in South Carolina have learned, when couples separate, this often means that neither parent is able to spend as much time with their child as they did before. Even so, this does not mean that the child has any less of a happy upbringing.

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