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Model receives hefty settlement as her divorce is finalized

Sadly, however perfect a relationship might seem when you get married, it doesn't guarantee it will work out. Sometimes no one is to blame and you simply drift apart. At other times, one or both partners will do something to upset the other. The important thing for couples in South Carolina to remember is that divorce is sometimes the best option. If your marriage isn't going smoothly, why not start again and give both of you a chance at a happier life?

Was future income a major element to Russell Wilson's divorce?

Many residents here in Clemson, South Carolina are well aware of Russell Wilson, the Super Bowl-winning quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks. But before he became a national celebrity, Wilson was plying his athletic trade in the other Carolina. He was a star football and baseball player for North Carolina State before completing his NCAA eligibility with Wisconsin for one season. Then he moved on to the NFL, where in just his second season he won the sport's most illustrious award: the Lombardi Trophy, signifying that he and the Seahawks won the NFL championship.

How to maintain your sanity during a divorce

Sometimes when someone goes through a divorce, they get so focused on all of the legal matters that need tending to that they forget about their personal wellbeing. They may become reclusive. They may not take care of themselves in the way they did before. In general, they may struggle to deal with their new reality as a single person in a complicated world.

Student debt is an important factor in divorce

In our last post, we talked about the role of financial assets in divorce. One of the assets we didn't talk about is debt. Yes, it may seem like a contradictory thought, but debt is an asset that can be divided in divorce. Credit card debt can be divided amongst the splitting spouses in a divorce. Mortgage payments could be divided in a divorce. And, yes, student loan debt can be divided amongst the spouses when a divorce occurs.

New Utah law establishes interesting divorce rule

While the following story does not involve South Carolina law, it is an important divorce story that could signal a growing trend across the United States. The state of Utah will now require any divorcing couples who have children under the age of 18 to go through a specialized divorce class early on in the divorce process. The class is meant to show the parents what kind of impact their split will have on their children. Once the class is taken, the legal process can move forward with judge's granting custody and financial orders.

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