Property Division

Other than issues involving children, property division is easily the most potentially combustible issue in any divorce.

South Carolina is an equitable division state, which means it is important to understand which assets are marital in nature and which are separate property. In some cases, it is even possible for separate property to become marital property due to actions taken during the course of the marriage.

Whether there are complex assets at stake in your divorce or there is a disagreement on the division of marital debt, it is crucial to have an experienced family law attorney on your side to maximize your share of the marital estate.

Comprehensive Property Division Representation

At Aaron & Aaron, we have the experience and refined legal skills necessary to help our clients resolve the property division aspect of their divorces as efficiently and fairly as possible. Our attorneys look beyond just the basic assets such as the family home and bank accounts, ensuring that our clients receive a fair distribution of property and assets.

Our firm is especially adept at handling high asset situations, such as those involving:

  • Significant real estate holdings

  • Investment accounts

  • Business interests

  • Offshore holdings

  • Retirement accounts

  • High value jewelry

  • Precious metals (gold, silver, platinum)

In addition to these and other assets that must be divided in a divorce, debt accumulated during the marriage must also be split between spouses. Our innovative approach to property division uses debt division to augment the assets you receive in the divorce and put you in the strongest position moving forward.

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