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South Carolina's Protection of Persons and Property Act is a new law for an old doctrine. The castle doctrine, also known as stand your ground, gives people to right to use deadly force to defend their person or their property. The new law guarantees those rights and extends them to your vehicle and your place of business.

At the law firm of Aaron & Aaron in Clemson, South Carolina, our defense lawyers each have more than 30 years of experience protecting the rights of citizens who are wrongfully accused of crimes. Attorney Cheryl Aaron has additional experience as a prosecutor, giving her insight into how the state prepares criminal charges. If you have been charged after using deadly force to defend yourself, we offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

Your Rights Under The Protection Of Persons And Property Act

South Carolina expanded its self defense law in 2006. The Protection of Persons and Property Act gives you the right to use deadly force to protect yourself from great bodily harm whether you are at home, in your car or your place of your business. The state cannot charge you with a crime if you injure or kill someone while exercising your rights under the law.

Through early involvement in your case, our lawyers will work to persuade prosecutors not to charge you with a crime. If you are charged with a crime, we will provide you a vigorous defense. Gun rights are important to the citizens of South Carolina. At the law firm of Aaron & Aaron, our lawyers will stand behind your right to own guns, as well as your right to use guns to defend yourself and your family.

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If you have been charged with a crime for defending yourself, call our Clemson stand-your-ground defense attorneys at 864-271-5545 or complete our contact form today.


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